What else does Exam Genie Do?


The tutorial is just an example to show you the basics - Exam Genie does not use the rhyming pegword method - it teaches you a much more powerful system, based on similar principles:

  • not just 10 pegs - an huge amount - over a hundred !
  • how to learn a number of details on each peg - e.g. a full journal reference, complex list etc.
  • how to learn long essays and simply 'print' them in the exam
  • how to learn scientific words, terms and formulas
  • developing your creativity and imagination
  • how to max your motivation
  • reduce exam stress
  • how to write better essays and responses to exams
  • what makes the difference between a 2:1 and a First, a B from an A

Exam Genie takes only a few hours to learn. Even if you already use a revision technique that has proved to be effective - Exam Genie will make the memorising part much easier and cut the time you take to revise. It will reduce stress and help you feel more confident about your exams. If it doesn't - we will provide you with a full refund!

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